Butterfly Conservation Initiative

The Butterfly Conservation Initiative is dedicated to the conservation of threatened, endangered, and vulnerable North American butterflies and the habitats that sustain them, with a focus on recovery, research, and education. More ...


Currently, conservation organizations across North America, including accredited zoos and aquariums, are engaged in the captive rearing and reintroduction of endangered butterflies.

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BFCI members and partners help provide the critical information used in creating recovery plans for threatened and endangered butterflies; and managing other imperiled butterflies.

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The educational mission of the BFCI is to promote, protect and restore native North American butterflies and their habitats through a variety of educational initiatives; and to increase public exposure of BFCI goals, objectives and programs.

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Butterfly Resources

Learn about basic butterfly biology, butterflies in your area, butterfly gardening, and more.

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Species Profiles

BFCI's species profiles comprise a single-source summary of recovery needs for North America's most imperiled butterflies.

Get Involved

Interested in joining the BFCI? We welcome inquiries from conservation organizations, and AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums. Please email BFCI