Environmental Defense

Environmental Defense is supporting butterfly conservation through a number of avenues:

  • ED, in conjunction with its new Center for Conservation Incentives, offered a competitive grant opportunity to the members of the BFCI. This grant was developed to support a project that furthers the on-the-ground conservation of any federally listed butterfly species by creating, restoring, or enhancing habitat for that species, or by reintroducing a listed butterfly to suitable habitat. The project must be done on land that is privately owned and not already committed to conservation management.
  • ED is providing financial support to the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera Research in Florida for conducting vegetative reintroductions on a golf course on Upper Matecumbe Key and then monitoring those vegetative reintroductions and the butterfly use of the planted vegetation. This work is meant to support the Schaus swallowtail butterfly.
  • ED provides some assistance to Urban Wildlands in California for work they are doing with the El Segundo Blue butterfly.
  • ED is also actively promoting the conservation of at-risk species by developing incentives for private landowners.

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