All About Butterflies

Butterflies capture our attention and imagination for countless reasons. Their beauty, unique life history, migrations, and adaptations inspire artists and storytellers worldwide. Their appeal as an educator?s tool, role as an ambassador for all insects, reliance on specific plants and habitats, and ability to serve as a sentinel announcing large-scale changes within ecosystems inspire people to take action to learn about and protect these amazing animals.

The BFCI encourages you to learn as much as possible about butterflies by visiting butterfly gardens and exhibits, planting a butterfly-friendly garden/habitat, reading up on these fabulous insects, and by getting involved!

Butterfly Exhibits and Gardens

Many AZA-accredited institutions have created butterfly and pollinator gardens and butterfly exhibits. Check this list to find a garden or exhibit near you.

Butterfly Resources

Learn about basic butterfly biology, butterflies in your area, butterfly gardening, and more.

Species Profiles

BFCI's species profiles — for endangered, threatened, and vulnerable butterfly species in the U.S. — comprise a single-source summary of recovery needs for North America's most imperiled butterflies.

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