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One of the beauties of butterflies is that everybody's actions can directly affect butterfly populations. The potential for directly affecting butterfly populations is also one of the biggest threats they face; habitat destruction, pesticides and other chemicals, and the spread of invasive plants are the main culprits behind butterfly population declines. By making informed choices about your garden and supporting ongoing butterfly conservation efforts, you can create the patches of habitat these threatened insects need and help others do the same.

  • Plant a butterfly-friendly garden

    Combat the main threats facing butterfly populations by creating patches of butterfly-friendly habitat. You can even earn recognition for your efforts by having your garden or land certified as Backyard Habitat, Pollinator Friendly, or as a Monarch Waystation. These programs will help you incorporate butterfly, pollinator, and bird-friendly practices into your gardening and land management.

    More tips for attracting butterflies to your garden can be found on our Butterfly Resources page.

  • Ask your local zoo or aquarium if they are members of the BFCI and ask them about local volunteer opportunities
  • Email the BFCI for more information on ways you can support this exciting project
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